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Regularly stuffy nose,
shortness of breath, restless
or anxiety-ridden?

Do you have that feeling too? You are not the only one. There are lots of people worldwide who feel the same way. But with the right guidance, you can feel much better within 4 months. The Breathing Mastery Program helps people worldwide to balance their breathing. This system helps you with personal Zoom meetings and an online video workbook.

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Decide how you want to train

You can change the form of coaching during the program to suit your needs.

Personalized counseling

The intake and personal one-on-one sessions always takes place on location or with secured video meetings, so we can create an appropriate program for you. In addition, we are always available via Whatsapp.

Online classes

Rather get started yourself? Our platform offers more than 50 online videos with exercises and explanations to improve your breathing condition. Of course we are always available if you run into problems or just need more help.

The mobile app

With our handy app you always have your exercises at hand. So, you can work out whenever and wherever you want.

Breathing is the most underrated tool for good health

Let’s assume that this statement is true. Then, how do we figure out how to breathe properly? There are over 600 types of breathing: for during exercising, answering an email, shopping, watching TV, talking, listening….

Do we need to breathe a lot and deeply, as the media has been telling us lately? Or is it all a little more complicated?

And if you suffer from symptoms such as shortness of breath, or asthma, how can good breathing help you?

In the Breathing mastery program we explain how you can improve your breathing and how you can get rid of your symptoms. The Breathing mastery program will give you all the tools you need to solve your complaints online video lessons combined with personal one-on-one Zoom meetings to help you out.

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COVID-19 Asthma Hyperventilation Anxiety

COVID-19 long hauler?

The recovery from COVID-19 infection can be long and difficult. In Probreathing’s COVID-19 rehabilitation program, we support a speedy recovery by improving your breathing condition. In The Netherlands we use the same program for personal of hospitals who got COVID themselves with very good outcomes.

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What to do with Asthma?

In the Breathing mastery program we combine the knowledge from the Buteyko course with renewed insights and modern techniques. Many people have become asthma free within 3 months through this method, for good.

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What to do with Hyperventilation?

Excessive breathing (hyperventilation) creates breathing that is called, in medical terms, “breathing outside the norm.” When breathing comes back within the norm (i.e. when one breathes normally again), all kinds of different facets of the body will start to normalize. In short: your complaints will disappear and you will feel fit again.

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What to do with Anxiety?

When you experience anxiety or restlessness, very often your breathing is out of balance as well. There is a lot of hidden suffering going on in the area of fears. As many as 1 in 5 people experience a period of anxiety or anxiety disorder. In the Breathing mastery program, together with your personal coach, you will look for the underlying reasons for your fears and anxieties.

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A professional program to bring your breathing under control, based on years of research and experience. Underlying this is the renowned Buteyko method.


Dennis Huizenga has over 10 years of experience in personal counseling. He has helped hundreds of people worldwide one-on-one and thousands through the Buteyko course.


Self-paced online lessons supported by personal coaching via whatsapp and video calling. With the possibility of personal coaching on location.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

After purchasing the program that suits you best, we go deeper into your wishes during a personal intake. During the intake on location we measure your breathing condition, heart rate and oxygen level. Based on these measurements we will advise you on how to implement the program. With your own login codes you can then start the 50 lessons online. You will also receive a free e-book and a tailor-made breathing belt.
Read some of the many testimonials here.
With a well-researched online program (with a large database and software running in the background), you can follow the exercises and take in information at your own pace and without limitations. Also, you don't have to deal with travel time to a counselor or course. With the online program from Probreathing you also get online personal coaching via whatsapp or video calling.
The added value is mainly in the clear steps. In a group course, the facilitator or the group often sets the pace. Also, not everyone is waiting to publicly share personal experiences or incur high costs for one-on-one guidance.
No, this site was created by Dennis Huizenga, an internationally recognized Buteyko therapist, holistic coach, author and speaker who values quality. (Dennis is also the full owner of this site).
Effectiveness, training at a time that is convenient for you, no travel time and also a relatively low participation cost.
You set the pace yourself. It is advisable to do a bit every day. For training you need at least 45 minutes a day for a number of months (usually 3 to 4). The total course contains about 6 hours of teaching material.

Hear Joep talk about his experience with Probreathing.

Buteyko course former participant Toon on chronic hyperventilation cure.


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