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In this video, Dennis talks openly about his own past with anxiety attacks and hyperventilation. He also shares his experience with the death of his father. His own story is what prompted him to start working as a therapist.

‘Upgrade Yourself’ opened its doors in 2006 (company number (Kvk: 55521134). This started as a holistic practice that in the beginning focused mainly on mental coaching. Soon the additional ‘pillars’ of nutrition and breathing were added. Probreathing is part of Upgrade Yourself and is all about breathing.

Dennis Huizenga is the founder of Upgrade Yourself. In addition to being a holistic coach, Dennis has become increasingly focused on breathing. Dennis explains:
‘Breathing is the most underestimated tool for getting good health. When you learn to breathe the right way, you can reduce or even get rid of complaints of anxiety, hyperventilation, allergies, mild forms of COPD, sleep apnea and asthma’.

Dennis has helped many people nationally and internationally. He also trains respiratory therapists who, after following an extensive training program, are allowed to supervise the Breathing mastery program.

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Dennis in short

Buteyko therapist, holistic coach, vegetarian and author of, amongst other things, the book Upgrade Yourself: that’s Dennis, the face behind Probreathing.

Who is Dennis? Martial artist, entrepreneur and thrill seeker.

Always looking for new ways to get the most out of himself. Through breathing, neurology, nutrition, sexuality and many other studies. In doing so, he regularly employs himself as a laboratory rat.

In addition to book knowledge, he is an experience expert himself; he had hyperventilation and anxiety attacks.

Foodie, nature lover, animal lover, lover, people pleaser; just a few words that describe Dennis. ‘And oh yes, I need my freedom for creativity and recharging my battery.’

And now? Now Dennis would like to help people find more balance in life. Through the Breathing mastery program he does that internationally as well.

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Doubts that your symptoms will ever go away?

Breathing, we all do it and it seems so natural. But incorrect breathing can make you feel restless or even cause worse symptoms.
Probreathing provides expert help for anyone with questions about breathing.
Imagine feeling balanced again, in your power, being confident in any situation, completely cured of hyperventilation, asthma, COPD, sleep apnea, hay fever and restlessness or anxiety. Probreathing takes care of this.

Probreathing brings together the insights from the Buteyko course with the experience and knowledge of Dennis Huizenga. Dennis has experience with hyperventilation and anxiety and knows how intense it can be. And even more important: he knows how much peace it brings when you have your breathing under control again.

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