New video "Asthma treatment"

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2020

In this video you shall learn 3 exercises to start learning how asthma treatment is about in the Breathing Mastery Program. Also the 9 reasons why you have asthma will be shown and a bonus at the end on how you can get free access to the 7 day program.... (which you can just click on this website above in the homepage.

Look at the video here:



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What is hyperventilation and how do I cure myself?

Hyperventilation is very common BUT many people have it without even knowing it. Hyperventilation has taken almost pandemic proportions worldwide. Dr. Buteyko did a lot of research about this topic around the 1950’s and he came up with the idea that more than half of the Western population has a kind of hyperventilation going on without them even knowing it.

My name is Dennis Huizenga and before I came a breathing expert and Buteyko therapist I also had hyperventilation going on without me even knowing it. I thought I do not need a paper bag to breath in, so I do not have hyperventilation. As a ‘gift’ I got severe anxiety attacks due to hyperventilation, but I needed about 20+ specialists before I started to find this out myself. I struggled with my breathing and anxiety for about three years before I found the way out myself, unfortunately nor the doctor nor the psychotherapist nor other specialists make the connection between anxiety and breathing at that time.


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