The breathing condition test provides clarity about your breathing condition within 1 minute.

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The Breathing mastery program helps to improve your breathing condition. Improving your breathing condition is more than a simple nose in and mouth out exercise, it takes a guided personal practice.

Everything starts with establishing your breathing condition. Wondering what your breathing condition is like? Then do this simple test. This will give you an idea whether the Breathing Mastery program could help you or not.

A tailor - made program

Breathing we do (fortunately) unconsciously. To change your breathing you therefore need a lot of practice and good guidance. We all have a breathing condition so breathing is more than simple breathing air in and out of our body.
At Probreathing we look at your situation together; which symptoms do you suffer from? What is your breathing condition?
Together with your coach you look for the underlying causes and determine which exercises can help you best. This way you always start with a personal program.

With only one hour of training per day, most people feel significant improvements within a few weeks.

We realize that not everyone has the same need for personal guidance. In the Breathing mastery program, you decide whether you want to work with the handy training videos yourself or whether you want personal guidance (first). Most people start with the online videos and within one we have the first intake session thru a secure online video meeting. From there we look at your breathing condition and what your body needs to improve.

You get access to the online platform with over 50 training videos. You can start right away with improving your breathing.

Are you not sure if all the lessons are important for you? Or do you have limited time?
Then your personal coach will look with you on whatsapp or video call and together with you make a selection of lessons that are important to you.

We believe that it is better to take small steps than to do nothing.

Don’t have time to work out for an hour every day? Then start with 20 minutes a few times a week and slowly expand. In this way, training your breathing will become part of your daily routine and eventually it won’t be difficult at all to start a class.

The Breathing mastery program

Make your choice from the different programs below. After purchase an intake follows, where we go deeper into your situation and wishes. We will test your breathing condition, heart rate and oxygen level. This way we provide you with a tailor-made program.

Not sure which package is right for you and you want to discuss it with us? Please feel free to contact us.

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What can you expect from
Breathing mastery program©

What do you get?

  • Access to the online platform with more than 50 lessons
  • Personal intake to create your personal program
  • Personal coaching through online video sessions
  • Whatsapp coaching for direct short questions (1st month free of charge)
  • Advice on nutrition and products that have an effect on your breathing
  • Free E-book ‘Upgrade yourself’
  • Now temporarily 1 hour or 2x 30min free personal coaching

What do you learn?

  • What happens in your body when you breathe incorrectly
  • What you can do in case of shortness of breath or asthma attacks
  • How to speak properly (also valuable for public speaking)
  • How to breathe properly during sports
  • How to be truly mindful
  • How to breathe best while sleeping

Decide how you want to train

You can change the form of coaching during the program to suit your needs.

Personalized counseling

The intake always takes place on location or with secured video meetings, so we can create an appropriate program for you. In addition, we are always available via Whatsapp.

Online classes

Rather get started yourself? Our platform offers more than 50 online videos with exercises and explanations to improve your breathing condition. Of course we are always available if you run into problems or just need more help.

The mobile app

With our handy app you always have your exercises at hand. So, you can work out whenever and wherever you want.

The Buteyko belt

The Buteyko belt helps as an extra support for the exercises of the Buteyko course. By wearing the band you become more aware of your breathing. By wearing the band for short periods during the day and night, you work on the calm breathing we strive for.


A proven system that has already benefited many thousands of people worldwide.


Learn most of the material online and work on fine-tuning the personal aspects through personal tutoring.

Lasting result

If you go through the full process, the results are almost always permanent. In other words, if your breathing is balanced it will be rare for your symptoms to return.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

After purchasing the program that suits you best, we go deeper into your wishes during a personal intake. During the intake on location we measure your breathing condition, heart rate and oxygen level. Based on these measurements we will advise you on how to implement the program. With your own login codes you can then start the 50 lessons online. You will also receive a free e-book and a tailor-made breathing band.
Read some of the many testimonials here.
With a well-researched online program (with a large database and software running in the background), you can take in the exercises and information especially at your own pace and without limitations. Also, you don't have to deal with travel times to a counselor or course. With the online program from Probreathing you also get online personal coaching via whatsapp or video calling.
The added value is mainly in the clear steps. In a group course, the facilitator or the group often sets the pace. Also, not everyone is waiting to publicly share personal experiences or incur high costs for one-on-one guidance.
No, this site was created by Dennis Huizenga, an internationally recognized Buteyko therapist, holistic coach, author and speaker who values quality. (Dennis is also the full owner of this site).
Effectiveness, self-arrangable time, no travel time and also financially a lot cheaper than one-on-one counseling.
You set the pace yourself. It is advisable to do a bit every day. For training you need at least 45 minutes a day for a number of months (usually 3 to 4). The total course contains about 6 hours of teaching material.


Are you unsure which package is right for you?
Please contact us for a consultation without any obligation.

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