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Who was Dr. Konstantin Buteyko?

A holistic practice where the main focus was on mental coaching. Soon nutrition and breathing were added as additional ‘pillars’.

I myself (Dennis Huizenga) am the founder of Probreathing and have worked as a holistic coach for many years before the practice taught me to focus more and more on breathing. Breathing is the most underestimated tool to good health”, (Nowadays a lot of attention is paid to breathing but with this I’m not saying that breathing a lot is the healthy way to go, in fact in my opinion it is often the source of agitation, asthma, hyperventilation, allergies, sleep apnea etc.).

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Decide how you want to train

You can change the form of coaching during the program to suit your needs.

Personalized counseling

Possibility of live consultations in our practice in Doornspijk, if you wish. The intake always takes place on location or with secured video meetings, so we can create an appropriate program for you. In addition, we are always available via Whatsapp and Facetime.

Online lessons

Rather get started yourself? Our platform offers more than 60 online videos with exercises and explanations to improve your breathing condition. Of course we are always available if you run into problems or just need more help.

The mobiel app

With our handy app you always have your exercises at hand. So you can work out whenever and wherever you want.

Asthma Hyperventilation Anxiety

What to do with Asthma?

In the Breathing mastery program we combine the knowledge from the Buteyko course with renewed insights and modern techniques. Many people have become asthma free within 3 months through this method, for good.

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What to do with Hyperventilation ?

Excessive breathing (hyper-ventilation) creates breathing that they call, in medical terms, “breathing outside the norm.” When breathing comes back into the norm (i.e. when one breathes normally again) all kinds of different facets of the body will start to normalize. In short: your complaints will disappear and you will feel fit again.

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What to do with anxiety?

When you experience anxiety or restlessness, very often your breathing is out of balance as well. There is a lot of hidden suffering going on in the area of fears. As many as 1 in 5 people experience an anxious period or anxiety disorder. In the Breathing Mastery program, together with your personal coach, you will look for the underlying reasons for your fears and anxieties.

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Dr. Buteyko

Buteyko did years of research and devoted his entire life to breathing, including working in his own lab. He discovered that by getting patients to breathe more quietly, many of them began to feel better. Thanks to his research, we now understand how deep breathing can lead to a wide range of diseases and symptoms, including high blood pressure, asthma, allergy, anxiety, panic attacks, pulmonary emphysema, hay fever, sleep problems and headaches.

Dr. Buteyko’s research formed the basis for the training methodology we call the Buteyko course.

To begin with, it is important to know what your current breathing condition is. Dr. Buteyko developed the “Control Pause Test” for this purpose. This test provides insight into your breathing condition within one minute with a simple exercise. The results of the test form the basis of the personal interpretation of the training. The Buteyko method then consists of various breathing exercises that ensure healthy breathing and remedy complaints.

Finally, in 1985, the Buteyko method received the recognition it deserved and was officially recognized by the Russian Ministry of Health. The crowning glory of his work. The Buteyko method is also gaining ground in the rest of the world. For example, it has been included in the “British Guideline on the Management of Asthma”: the British Thoracic Society’s Handbook for Doctors.

Training the way you want

After we have received your application we will schedule an intake meeting. We like to meet you by secured video meetings, or we can meet at our practice in Doornspijk. If that is not possible, we will look for a way that is convenient for you.
You get instant access to our online platform with over 60 training videos. In these Dennis clearly explains the various exercises and you get more knowledge about breathing. So you can immediately start working with the program yourself. We are always available for you on Whatsapp if you have any questions.
Do you like to practice at your own pace? Of course you can. You can use the online platform to do it yourself. In principle, you can run through the entire program without supervision.
After a certain number of online lessons, we like to hear how you are doing. We often do this through an online conversation. We see if you have any questions, if you notice any progress and we discuss which exercises are most important for you to continue with. If you really don't want this, you can of course skip it.
We have a secure private video meeting platform. This way we can help you with questions about the exercises and discuss together which steps are important for you. We will also check with you if you are doing all the exercises in the right way. If you would like to work fully with live coaching, choose our program 'Personal coaching'. We then work in live sessions at our location in Doornspijk.

Probreathing and the Buteyko course

The Breathing mastery program is actually a modernization of the authentic Buteyko course but with the benefits of new techniques. Originally the Buteyko course consisted of 5 evenings on location. For many people this was a high threshold and Dennis Huizenga wanted to make sure that more people could follow the method.

Through the combination of online and personal coaching, the Buteyko course in the Breathing mastery program is now available to everyone.

In the course you will learn what your current breathing condition is and what it does to your body. We will discuss what happens in the body when you don’t breathe in a balanced way and what contributes to unbalanced (‘outside the norm’) breathing. Of course we will focus on what exercises can help you to get your breathing more balanced.

In addition, we find it important to also look more broadly at what contributes to unbalanced breathing. So we look at topics such as nutrition, what and how much you drink and what role movement plays in your daily life.

In short: In the Breathing mastery program you learn the basics from the original Buteyko course but with extra additions like more depth in nutrition, exercise and mindfulness without compromising the information that Buteyko saw as necessary. Probreathing is still in direct contact with the organization in Moscow in order to meet the quality requirements.

More about the Breathing mastery program

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