The Breathing Mastery Program© will help you get your breathing back in control. 

You had enough of feeling not in control? Shortness of breath? Asthma? Manual breathing? Difficulty in concentration?

Doubts if this will ever pass?

This program is created in the field of breathing experts and will help you get your control back. This program has already been successfully active in Europe from 2018. Many people have completed the program with great differences in their lives.

Most people experience a difference within 3 weeks. 

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Doubts if you will ever get your control back? Doubts if this will work for you too?

  • A breathing which is not in balance can give physical and psychological symptoms like feelings of dispair, restlessness and anxiety.
  • Asthma is one of the physical symptoms that is said 'uncurable'.
  • Anxiety is more than ones beeing overlooked as a symptom of a disbalanced breathing. 

Imagine that you get your life back, imagine you feel secure again, in balance, in control and full of energy. 

Start today with the Breathing Mastery Program©.

  1. So that ... you optimize your breathing at home the natural way.
  2. So that... you get your breathing in control forever.
  3. No more asthma, manual breathing or hyperventilation. 
  4. Safe money by getting direct help and experienced personal insights to your breathing issue(s).
  5. Get fast results with the help of one of the industry leading experts.

In this program the Buteyko method is intertwined with modern insights.


What do you need?

"I got my first anxiety attack many years ago and I thought that I would die. I went to the doctor and he sent me to all kinds of specialist but they could not help me out in the long run. After about 20 specialists I figured out that I needed to find the path myself.

What I needed then was the program I created now", Dennis Huizenga founder of

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Best program in the market today

The Breathing Mastery Program© is the result of many years research. Many people worldwide have experienced the benefits.

Lasting results

Completing this program will make your new breathing condition your new status. This pattern will then been settled and in normal situations will never go back.

Scientific based

In this program the Buteyo method is intertwined. The Buteyko method has helped hundreds of thousands of people is combined with modern insights. 

The best breathing program available at this moment. You can also feel more in control within 3 weeks.

The Breathing Mastery Program© has many advantages on regular breathing training programs. 

  • Safe money by getting many hours of training for one low price.
  • Professional one-on-one guidance.
  • Easy learning.
  • Minimum of 3 years free access.

Community and support

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  • Unlimited extra personal coaching available. 

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"First a little sceptical but very soon I found out that Dennis is authentic and the program is easy, good build with experienced steps." 

John H.

"I really needed this at this point in my life and I would do it again every day. Remember to do the training and you will feel a lot better fast."

Daphne M.

"My symptoms came so unpredictable, I started to get afraid I would loose my job and my control in life. I feel so much better now".

Mery P.

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