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7 days access to the program for only $1 per day!

Make a start now to breathe freely again. Free from symptoms, free from worries. Depending on how many people we can assist, we will leave this opportunity open.

Get access to the online platform now, without further obligations.

In these 7 days you will learn what happens in your body when you breathe out of balance, you will learn techniques how to improve your breathing and you will learn how to help yourself consciously.

More about the full program

Stop shortness of breath, asthma, COPD and restlessness.

This is a unique program, online classes combined with personal coaching (via video sessions or in person on location).

This program uses the methods from the proven Buteyko course with modern insights and systems.

According to Dennis Huizenga (international breathing expert and certified Buteyko therapist) it is not easy for most people to learn to adjust their breathing in a few days or only through videos or text. This program combines the advantages of an online program with the necessary personal guidance.


In times when an elusive virus is prevalent, many people experience restlessness or anxiety. Balanced breathing will enhance both prevention and recovery.

Because of the coronavirus, most people prefer online sessions. Partly due to his experience with foreign clients, Dennis is experienced in providing online counseling and can thus help you even remotely.

A tailor-made program

Breathing we do unconsciously (fortunately). To change your breathing you therefore need a lot of practice and good guidance. Yet many therapists forget this in their therapy.
At Probreathing we look at your situation together; which symptoms do you suffer from?
Together with your coach you look for the underlying causes and determine which exercises can help you best. This way you always start working with a personal program.

With just an hour of training a day, most people feel significant improvements within a few weeks.

We realize that not everyone has the same need for personal guidance. In the Breathing Mastery program you decide whether you want to work with the handy training videos yourself or whether you want personal guidance (first). Usually we advise, if the situation allows, to do the first personal session on location in Doornspijk and all other sessions online. During the intake on location we test your breathing condition, heart rate and oxygen level, in order to create a customized program.

You get access to the online platform with over 50 training videos. You can start right away with improving your breathing.

Are you not sure if all the lessons are important for you? Or do you have limited time?
Then your personal coach looks with you on whatsapp or video call and makes a selection of lessons that are important to you.

We believe that it is better to take small steps than to do nothing.

Don’t have time to work out for an hour every day? Then start with 20 minutes a few times a week and expand slowly. This way, training your breathing will become part of your daily routine and eventually it won’t be difficult at all to start a class.

Simple steps

You follow this program through our own private online platform, so you can always see exactly where you left off.

Your own pace

Do the lessons at your own pace, repeat as often as necessary.

Monitor your breath

Learn what is happening in your body and which exercises will give you balance.

Key advantages for you

  • No appointment, you can start improving your breathing right now.
  • You don’t have to go out the door. You can heal yourself from the comfort of your own home.
  • No travel time and costs; you save money.
  • The personal guidance helps you understand your areas of improvement and how to address them.
  • This program is suitable for many conditions, including asthma.
  • Over 50 online lessons
  • Free e-book worth $7
  • Different breathing exercises
  • Note: Payment is in EURO
€6,- $1,- per day Start now

The Buteyko belt

The Buteyko belt helps as an extra support for the exercises of the Buteyko course. By wearing the belt you become more aware of your breathing. By wearing the belt for short periods during the day and night, you work on the calm breathing we strive for.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, if after a couple of days or after the end of the 7 days you decide you want to continue the program you can go to the 'order' page and purchase the course. This keeps your progress and you can move on to the next part of the program.
No, you do not have to pay anything and we will not ask for your credit card information for this trial period. Rest assured, this program was developed directly by Dennis Huizenga himself and he does not want to know about any unclear or ambiguous personal data or hidden costs.
If you sign up you can start right away.


Would you like to talk to us further about how Probreathing can help you?
Then feel free to contact us.

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