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  • Jun 02, 2021
    Testimonial Anja COVID recovery program

    Anja works in a so-called COVID department of a hospital in the Netherlands. Despite good precautions, she still got COVID-19 and ended up in the same department as a patient. This time with her colleagues above her bed. She was in hospital for several weeks where there were even concerns about putting her on a ventilator continuously because of the seriousness of her illness. (This was her worst nightmare, by the way).

    This is part of her story that she wants to share publicly.

    Anja’s story.
    When I was in hospital, I had to use the nebulizer in combination with extra oxygen and prednisone as a follow-up to treatment. After returning home (a few weeks later) still high dose of prednisone and very briefly oxygen and nebulizer. I was told that high-dose prednisone would be necessary for a long time to permanently master the inflammation. I struggled at home for the first weeks without anything improving in my opinion and I only started to feel worse because of the prednisone, I actually did not recover and saw that my breathing condition was extremely low (CP7).

    Then I contacted Dennis Huizenga because he has helped me well in the past with my breathing problems and he is a specialist in breathing for me.

    The exercises were quite challenging in the beginning because my breathing condition was so low, Dennis reassured me and indicated that if I did what was in front of it it would go up.
    At a time it seemed as if there was some kind of reset and it steadily increased, until about 15 it was a bit difficult but between 15 and 30 it got better quickly around 30 I had a stop again and then the build-up went a bit faster until around 50. It seemed as if I also encountered all kinds of phases of physical cleansing in between.

    So I’ve had these dips a few times along the way, but in my experience I need them to eventually improve again.

    The moment my CP started to rise, I was able to taper off the prednisone. I quickly left the nebulizer at home.

    I am convinced that tapering off the prednisone went faster because my CP increased, I clearly saw the link. The specialist linked it to my saturation and breathalyzer etc which were also progressing and faster than he expected, he initially didn’t want to taper off faster than he had first thought (to be on the safe side) but have at my insistence we did and it has continued to go well. Incidentally, my tests during the dips that I had were no worse, I did not suffer from my airways at that time, but I did suffer from other things such as nausea, headaches, etc. Dennis regularly supported me in between with a clear explanation of what might be going on. Now I feel pretty good considering where I’ve come from and especially when I look at other patients with a similar severity of the disease that I deal with professionally, I got through it much faster and better.

    I went from taking a few steps back in a few months to just going for a walk without having to think about the distance I can/can’t handle and whether I’m going to make it. I see people from the first wave around me who still can’t get a decent walk. I am extremely grateful that I went through this process and I like to think along with you about how we can make this program known to a wider audience.

    Side note: The Probreathing COVID recovery program is not a replacement for the medical establishment, if you have tested positive for COVID it is important at all times to follow the usual steps that are prescribed such as doctor and possible hospital visits.

    The Probreathing COVID recovery program is based on the fact that the person will only receive our help when the doctor and possibly hospital have done their job and the patient has been tested negative and the patient is not actually rehabilitating properly.

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